June 25, 2017

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Trinidad Broadcasting Company (TBC Radio Network)

Company Profile

The Trinidad Broadcasting Company (TBC) Limited is the nation’s first and largest radio network. The TBC Radio network germinated in 1925 as Rediffusion, a Britishbased company, which acquired rights to radio distribution in Trinidad. In 1941 the Company changed its registered name to Rediffusion (Trinidad) Limited with the objective of expanding its radio services through-out the island. 1946 saw another step in the evolution of the Trinidad Broadcasting Company (TBC) Limited branded as TBC Radio Network when Rediffusion (Trinidad) Limited launched the network.

This was based on the need to cover extra territory and the TBC was granted licensing approval to operate a radio transmitter. On August 31, 1947 the first local radio station, Radio Trinidad 730AM was born. Today Radio Trinidad has been rebranded to Inspirational Radio 730AM, the Nation’s most established gospel radio station serving listeners both locally and regionally. In March of 1976 TBC launched its second radio station: 95.1FM the nation’s first station on the FM Band. Today 95.1 … “The Best Mix” has retained the ranking as the number one rated Adult Contemporary Station in Trinidad and Tobago based on the latest media survey. On New Year’s Day in 1991, the TBC launched Radio Tempo 105 FM now VIBE CT 105 FM, the first Station with an all formatted local music content. Today this station has established itself as the first choice for Local Content and the Sports Leader.

On September 24, 1995 TBC launched it’s forth station Sangeet 106.1FM. This station evolved from a history of over fifty years experience of East Indian programming on TBC Stations. Sangeet 106.1 … “The Superstation” has established itself as the highest rated East Indian Radio Station for local Chutney music and Current Affairs. On March 1, 2007 TBC launched its fifth station Aakash Vani 106.5 FM, an easy listening Radio Station which within three months of its launch created a sensation in the market emerging as the number one rated East Indian Radio Station in Trinidad and Tobago.
On April 10th, 2011 TBC launched its sixth radio station SLAM 100.5fm – Progressive Urban. It’s the newest radio station taking over the airwaves and redefining our concept of urban music with a playlist ranging from dance to dancehall music. The TBC Radio Network delivers 64% more listeners than the closest Radio Network Competitor. It is therefore the only Network that delivers over 100,000 listeners! TBC also makes available live streaming of its programming on the www.guardian.co.tt website.

Products and Services

730 AM

Inspirational Radio 730AM is Trinidad’s most established Inspirational radio station. This station serves the gospel market and has a wide listenership both in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean. The Station is a mix of gospel and inspirational programmes, music and talk with Regional Reach Advantage – delivers to the multi-Caribbean Market. For ‘live’ streaming in HD visit us at:

Website: www.inspirationalradio730.co.tt
Facebook: www.facebook.com/InspirationalRadioTrinidad730am

106.5 FM

Aakash Vani 106.5 FM is rated as the #1 easy-listening East Indian Station delivering a unique and captive audience to advertisers and also hosts the #1 Morning Show – The Morning Panchayat. Our content is easy on the ears and complementary to the day’s activities (home/work). Programming is constantly attuned to the interest of the market, with special emphasis on key festivals/ occasions that are significant to the lifestyle of the audience e.g. Eid/ Divali etc. Aakash Vani provides the right mix of music offering strong and positive family values that is pleasing to the adult, yet caters to family. We deliver the most Live Outside Broadcast of Religious Events for strong community appeal. The most extensive programming dedicated to East Indian Religious and Cultural Events across the Hindu and Muslim Calender. For ‘live’ streaming visit us at:

Website: www.aakashvaniradio.co.tt
Facebook: www.facebook.com/AakashVani1065fm
Twitter: www.twitter/aakashvani1065


The SuperStation…Sangeet 106ONE FM is the #1 Rated East Indian radio station in the contemporary East Indian Market catering for a primary niche market of 18-40 year olds. The music is composed of local chutney, the latest and the most popular Bollywood film songs and super remixes. Sangeet 106ONE is synonymous with broadcasting all the hottest and happening Chutney Events held at nightclubs throughout the country, and is the Official Station for major Chutney Events. Enjoy yourself at the Ka Safar Road shows as we link with communities. Get involved on our interactive station promotions and win big prizes. Reach another level with Jhalwa Nights and Chutney Jhalwa Weekends, only on The SuperStation…Sangeet 106ONE FM! We stream ‘live’ audio AND video at:

Website: www.sangeet106fm.co.tt
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Sangeet1061
Twitter: www.twitter/Sangeet106fm


The Vibe CT 105FM …The Nation’s Station resonates with the pulse of the demographic that is 25 and over. The premium Urban Adult station is Rated #1 in its segment and reflects the sound and Events of the Nation. Calypso, Soca, Reggae and R&B all constitute the musical fare of the frequency but more importantly encapsulates that Trinbagonian essence which derives strength from diversity.

Sport and Culture are integral elements of the value proposition of the Vibe and possess the unifying power captured in our slogan – ‘The Nation’s Station’. The station’s appeal is to the segment of the market that is passionate about Culture and diverse Events programming that is relevant to their experience as modern Trinbagonian people. The station’s staples such as the Mixed Nuts Morning Show, All Soca Weekends and the Retro Thursday are just a few of the unique content that distinguishes the value offering of the brand and ensure its #1 Rating. For live streaming visit us:

Website: www.vibect105.co.tt
Facebook: www.facebook.com/VIBECT105fm
Twitter: www.twitter.com/VibeCT105fm


95.1FM…The Best Mix is the best music station in T&T for the Adult Contemporary rated #1 in this category of listeners who enjoy a combination of pop, soft rock, alternative, juxtaposed with some dance and hits with crossover appeal. The station is simply and aptly …The Best Mix.

For the listeners, different days speak to different feelings – from that nostalgic feeling on a Wednesday, as one is transported back to the All 80’s Hits, to the Weekend Rave (95.1’s party session on Fridays and Saturdays), along with the station’s other programming content, you can be sure to tune into entertainment at any time for the best mix of music and personalities on Radio. For live streaming visit us:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/95.1FMthebestmix

Slam 100.5FM


Slam One Double O Point Five is youth urban; young, hip and trendy. Our music format is best described as Progressive Urban as it fuses the best elements of the Urban Culture creating a new pulse for the listening pleasure of our nation’s youths. Our music format is bigger and better than traditional urban. We play an eclectic blend of Hip Hop, Dancehall, R&B, Pop, UPop and Soca. We consistently engage our audience in interactive and progressive promotions and concepts, going beyond ordinary urban radio content. We actively involve the use of technology, facebook, twitter and other social media with the largest engagement in the industry in just two (2) years.

Additionally, we boast of a hot list of young and positive DJ/Presenters, namely Lurbz & Aswaad, MVP Sophie, Distruction Sounds, Five Star Akil, Jet Lee, Ezel & John Boy, Serala, J’Angel, Ryan Spartan & DJ Tech of the Artiste Team and more. Slam introduces the first HD Urban Radio Station in Trinidad & Tobago with the commissioning of our Slam 100.5 FM HD Transmitter together with the only 300 ft self-supporting tower at Cumberland Hill. This tower significantly improves both quality and signal strength of Slam 100.5 HD with up to 98% coverage in Trinidad & Tobago. Clients can expect higher on-air and online audience delivery, maximum reach and impact and best in market service from our Slam Support Team. We stream ‘live’ audio AND video at:

Website: www.slam1005.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/slam100.5
Twitter: www.twitter.com/slam1005fm