August 21, 2017

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Financial Services

Financial Services Sector Profile

The ANSA Financial Services Sector, which is made up of ANSA Merchant Bank, Tatil General | Life, Bryden’s Insurance Barbados and Consolidated Finance, offer a wide range of financial solutions in Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados. These services include but are not limited to Vehicle and Equipment Financing, Investments, Merchant Banking, General Insurance (Motor, Property, Health) and Life Insurance (Life, Pensions, Savings).

All of ANSA Merchant Bank’s business lines recorded steady income while Tatil and Tatil Life displayed marked progress over the prior year. ANSA Merchant Bank’s profit before tax of $190MM was recorded in 2012, which remains healthy despite operating against the backdrop of a sluggish economic environment, and the desire to take conservative non-cash provisions in our lending and investment portfolios.

The Financial Sector 2012 performance was satisfactory and upward growth trajectory is expected in 2013 and beyond.


ANSA Merchant Bank Limited
Est. 1977



Trinidad and Tobago Insurance Limited
Est. 1963

Consolidated Finance Company Limited
Est. 1983


Brydens Insurance Inc
Est. 1932