August 19, 2017

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DCI Miami Inc

Company Profile
DCI Miami Inc. is a beer importer and marketer, focused on the Carib Brewery Brands in the US since 1993. We are “beer people” with a long history of building and developing brands. We are also innovators; both in how we develop our brands and in how we run our business. Our goal is to provide the US consumers with the unique brands developed by the Carib Brewery through a combination of time-tested beer marketing know-how and adoption of new, more efficient ways of doing business.

US Market Profile:

DCI Miami Inc. is currently doing business in 3 states on the East Coast and has 3 distributor partners that are located in NY, NJ and Maryland. DCI Miami Inc. currently sells Carib Lager, Mackeson Stout, Royal Extra Stout, Shandy (Sorrel, Ginger and Lime) and Malta Carib in the US market.


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