August 21, 2017

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CARIB Brewery

Company Profile

In July 1947 the Caribbean Development Company Limited (CDC) was formed with seven persons and in 1950, the award winning Carib Lager beer was launched with an annual production of 10,000 hectolitres. Almost 65 years later, the brewery has expanded to include sister breweries in Grenada and St. Kitts and Nevis both of which began production in 1983. Together the Brewery employs over one thousand (1000) employees and produces over 1,200,000 hectolitres of product annually.

Expanded brewery facilities have allowed the company to meet the increasing demands of the local market as well as exports to international destinations. New brands and flavours (including Stag Beer, Carib Light, Malta, Smalta & Smalta Smiles, Shandy Sorrel, Ginger & Lime, and Ginseng Original, Lime, Apple, Kola Champagne & Grape), have been developed and launched over the years, moving the company from one pinnacle of success to another.

The Brewery has also formed partnerships with International Companies such as Heineken International B.V., Ginseng-Up Corp and Diageo and as a result several international brands are produced under license for local and export consumption. These include Heineken, Guinness Stout, Ginseng-Up and Smirnoff Ice. The Brewery has also acquired the global rights (with the exception of the United Kingdom) for Mackeson Milk Stout in keeping with the objective of building a portfolio of Global Beverage Brands.

Products and Services

Carib Lager Beer, Stag Lager Beer, Carib Pilsner Light, Heineken, Mackeson Stout, Pola Light Beer, Ginseng-Up (non-alcoholic), Malta Carib, Smalta, Smalta Smiles, Guinness and Smirnoff Ice.



Smirnoff Ice