August 21, 2017

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ANSA McAL Credit Union

Established since 1956, The AMGECU Credit Union has served its 5,000 members with integrity, stability and satisfactory service. It is committed as a socio-economic co-operative to the provision of financial, social and educational services to its membership and charitable organizations and to the long term viability of the Credit Union through prudential management. At AMECU we secure our members’ financial future by the implementation of proven established Prudential Standards in our daily operations.

Products and Services:

• Share savings with attractive annual dividends.
• Fixed deposits at competitive rates.
• Christmas Savings Plan.
• Education Savings Plan.
• Special Saving Deposit at competitive interest rates.

• Consumer Loans.
• Mortgage Loans.
• Revolving Line of Credit.
• Vehicle Loans.
• Tertiary Education Loan (TED).
• Soft Loans.
• Back to School Supplies.
• Credit Card Loans.
• Vacation Loan

• Free Insurance coverage on Share Saving and Loans**
• Family Indemnity Plan – one monthly instalment covers up to six (6) persons.
**(maximum sum determine by the Board)

• Free payroll deductions for employees.
• Social, educational and sporting functions and activities.
• SEA Awards and Tertiary Education Grants.

Key Selling Features of the Credit Union
1. Share Saving provides higher interest rates than the Banks and UTC. (Average rate of return over the last six (6) years 5.82%.)
2. Cost of Borrowing is lower than Other Institutions.
3. Share Savings and Loans covered by Insurance.

Financial Tips
Did you know that AMGECU Credit Union would match or provide better competitive rates on loans when compared to other Financial Institutions?

Financial Advice
AMGECU provides free Financial advice to its Members:
• Retirement Planning.
• Investment.
• Mortgages.
• Financial Counselling.
• Contact: Beverly Young (General Manager) or Deborah Celestine-York (Accountant)

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Contact Information
ANSA McAL Group Employees Credit Union and Co-operative Society Limited
4 Borde Street, Port of Spain
PO Box 1587
Tel: (868) 627-2907