August 21, 2017

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Employee Centre

Employee Centre

Benefits & Programs

At ANSA McAL, our employees enjoy a series of benefits inclusive of our:

Group Health and Life Plan

Our Group provides permanent members of staff with Medical Health Insurance coverage to help them meet medical expenses resulting from illness of the employee and his/her dependants. Contributions to the Plan are made both by the employee and the Company. Coverage includes hospital, surgical, vision care and dental expenses.

ANSA McAL Credit Union

Established since 1956, The AMGECU Credit Union has served its 5,000 members with integrity, stability and satisfactory service. It is committed as a socio-economic co-operative to the provision of financial, social and educational services to its membership and charitable organizations and to the long term viability of the Credit Union through prudential management. At AMECU we secure our members’ financial future by the implementation of proven established Prudential Standards in our daily operations.

EAP Program

The ANSA McAL Group provides employee assistance under its Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), which affords counselling and guidance to all staff on a voluntary and highly confidential basis. As such an independent EAP consultant is engaged for this purpose.
The Group recognises that a wide range of problems, not directly associated with one’s job, can affect an employee adversely. The Programme is therefore provided to facilitate the employee in accessing professional assistance to target areas that are known to pose challenges to employees within their family life, finances and financial planning, alcohol and substance abuse situations.

Group Awards

Long Service Awards:

In keeping with the Group’s Core Value “Employee Excellence”, ANSA McAL celebrates the dedication and commitment of its employees through the Group’s Annual Long Service Awards. It gives our Company and its Executives great pleasure to honour those long standing members of staff who achieve milestone intervals of 5, 10 and 15 years of service with the Group. Those employees who celebrate 20 years of service onwards (again in 5 year intervals) are specially invited to participate in the Group’s Annual Long Service Awards held every 3 years. It is at this function where awardees are honoured and presented with milestone certificates and noteworthy vouchers.

Sector Performers:

Each year we select and celebrate ONE winner from each of our eight sectors who demonstrates what it takes to be the ‘Sector Performer Of The Year’. We select these high performers as examples for other employees to strive towards, based on:

1. Getting the People Basics right: Strong leadership whilst working as a team. Giving and receiving good feedback, and driving your team towards success and cohesiveness

2. Excellence in Execution: Delivering on what you commit to deliver. Discipline in your actions

3. Acting like an Owner: Thinking outside the box. Acting as if it were your own. Being creative in problem solving!