August 21, 2017

The best place to be,

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Our People

The Place for Performers

At ANSA McAL, we are passionate about People, and we are passionate about Performance. With over 6,000 employees and over 50 Companies, there’s a wealth of experience and new opportunities to draw from. At ANSA McAL, we want People who are passionate about their jobs and enjoy coming to work every day. We are committed to the success of our people who strive to add value and make a difference in the workplace.

We are the biggest conglomerate in the Caribbean and are searching for employees who wish to build a great career in our diverse Company. We set and reward our employees based on challenging but realistic targets which are aligned to our strategy. We are excited by individual and team initiatives that drive growth forward for our Group.

At ANSA McAL we recognize and celebrate our employees who are first class leaders and can respond admirably to an ever-changing and fast paced environment. We’re looking for team players who are solutions-oriented and bring innovative ideas to the table.

We encourage our employees to act like owners and exude their star potential. If you have an idea – drive it. If you are passionate about something – work it. If you believe in something – commit to it.

In the words of our founder, Dr. Anthony N. Sabga, “Find the job that you like and you never have to work one day in your life. Do something that you enjoy. I never did anything I did not enjoy. My whole life was a pleasure. Honesty, Integrity and Determination to succeed – these values have served me very well. I was never afraid to make any decision, whether right or wrong. Very often, however, a decision is made and it has to be shaped into success. So the determination to succeed is a key factor.”

Core Values

The ANSA McAL Core values are:

• Employee Centred
• Customer Excellence
• Creativity and Innovation
• Social Responsibility
• Respect and Trust