Kelly Sonnylal
Head of Group Treasury, ANSA McAL Ltd

“The dynamism of the ANSA McAL group allows professionals of all fields to widen their skillset and expand their thinking.”

1. How long have you been with the ANSA McAL group and which group company are you assigned to?

I am currently employed with the parent company, ANSA McAL limited (head office) and I have been with the company for 5 years.

2. Describe your portfolio as head of group treasury and some of your key responsibilities?

This role is about enhancing value to the group through the way cash is managed. One aspect is around managing the foreign exchange queue and the relationship with the commercial banks. Another is managing the cash returns from subsidiaries and finally to earn income through prudent management of cash resources.

3. What do you love about working for the group?

The leadership of the ho executives is inspiring. Each executive has a different personality style with different opinions and it’s fascinating to see how they work together for the betterment of our group. Equally I enjoy working with my peers whom I learn much from. In particular the CFOs and the ho team. I find inspiration in working with my colleagues like Natasha Farah and Nicelle la Pierre whose determination and drive to succeed constantly challenges me to do even better. I thank them for that. The dynamism of the ANSA McAL group allows professionals of all fields to widen their skillset and expand their thinking. The executive committee provides invaluable guidance and support. The group recognizes and rewards talent unconditionally, but that’s based on consistent sustainable performance.

4. Why would someone want to work for ANSA McAL?

The growth and learning opportunities. Firstly, I do not think that the group is for everyone. Those who are prepared to work very hard as part of a dynamic collaborative team and who are prepared to be coached and challenged will do well here – better than elsewhere. Performance is transparent at all levels and a new hire must feel comfortable with that. Careers are built here at ANSA McAL. I am constantly stretched outside my comfort zone and I can see myself constantly improving in my career path.

5. What is your work mantra and guiding principles?

There are 2 things: 1. There is no substitute for hard work and paying attention to details. And 2. We have a core value statement at ANSA McAL which is about five things:

I. Employee centered
Ii. Customer excellence
Iii. Creativity and innovation
Iv. Social responsibility
V. Respect and trust

I firmly believe that anyone who lives into the above will do well here. I try my best to live into this. Finally, it’s important to appreciate that the success of your team is your success. We all must move forward together as a family.