August 21, 2017

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Vision & Mission

Mission and Vision Statement

ANSA McAL shall be the leading conglomerate in the region, continuously maximising shareholder value by achieving exceptional performance, fostering long-term confidence and respect, while generating sustained growth for all stakeholders.

This shall be achieved by:

– Always delivering superior customer service that nurtures and grows a loyal customer base
– Attracting, developing and retaining talented personnel by recognizing and rewarding outstanding performance
– Creating an environment that encourages innovation and excellence
– Recognizing regional and national needs and aspirations whilst protecting our environment for future generations

We make the future better …

Three Year Aspirational Statement

Our Three-Year Aspirational Statement states that we will improve the performance of our core business by developing and rewarding our people for excellence and entrepreneurship. We will create incremental economic value by delivering superior growth.
This will be achieved by:
1. Getting the People Basics Right
2. Building an Entrepreneurial Culture (Acting like an Owner)
3. Excellence in Execution